Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BBWSinglesFinder.com - Our Top BBW Dating Site Pick

I mentioned in the introduction post that I owned a BBW Dating Site. This is my site: BBWSinglesFinder.com. I started the site back in December of 2002. It is one of the longest running BBW Singles Sites on the internet.

If you have been visiting many online dating blogs, review sites or any other sites recommending certain dating sites, then the previous paragraph should come as a little bit of a shock and hopefully a little bit comforting. What do I mean?

99% of the blogs, sites, etc. that recommend sites to you never tell you that the site/sites they are recommending are their own or they are affiliated with them. I want you to know that this site is mine. I own it, and I want you to join it. Who am I you may ask? Check out my other site, PositivePelham.com, to find out who I am and what I stand for. I've been affiliated with the TangoWire Network, which runs the backend of the site, for over five years now. The TangoWire community has over 2 million members worldwide. BBWSinglesFinder.com only focuses on the members who are either Big Beautiful Women or men or women who want to meet them. (Sometimes referred to as BBW Admirers)

Some other reasons why you should join:

  • Membership Rates are extremely affordable compared to other sites (As of today, a full year membership is only $8.33/month)
  • Privacy - Our "NO SPAM" policy is second to none
  • Huge Database of Members - Over 2 Million members worldwide
  • Site is very easy to use
  • Customer Service is second to none
I invite you to check out the site for yourself. Join as a free member and look around. With your free membership, you can view pictures of singles from your hometown. You've got nothing to lose....except maybe the man or woman of your dreams!

**Update - September 3, 2008**

BBWSinglesFinder.com has a new look and more importantly has added some great new features!

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