Sunday, December 28, 2008 - More Indian BBW's Than You'd Think

While looking through the website stats for this site, I noticed a large concentration of traffic from India. I've been promoting on another site of mine for a while, I decided to do some research into the site to find out if there are a large number of BBW's on the Indian Matrimonial site. What I found truly surprised me. There are a large number of BBW members as well as men who mention in their profiles they are looking for BBW's or women with "a few extra pounds."

If you're not familiar with, it's the world's oldest and largest Indian Matrimonial dating site. The service was started back in 1997 and boasts over 10 Million members worldwide and over 1 Million successful marriages! If you're serious about finding your true love AND want her to be an Indian BBW or him to be an Indian BBW admirer, then there's no better site you can join. As will most quality dating sites, they offer a free membership, which is always the best way to check out any site.

There are also specific logins for singles from different countries:

Australia and New Zealand

UAE and Singapore

United States, U.K. and Canada


Good luck and happy holidays!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008 - Mega-Site With Hundreds of Thousands of BBW's and A 6-Month Guarantee

Unless you don't watch television at all, you've probably seen one of the many different commercials on TV lately. While I obviously recommend you join one of our featured BBW-specific dating sites, it's probably not a bad idea to join a few of the behemoth dating sites out there like eHarmony and Match.

The reason I'm recommending Match today is because of an offer that came across my desk today. For a limited time, you can get 20% off a membership at Match.

I don't know about you, but times are tough economically for me, so any little discount helps. And, this isn't just any little discount. This is 20% off! That's a pretty big discount. Another reason why I think Match is a good site to join is because of their 6-month guarantee - If you don't find someone special in 6 months, they'll give you 6 more months for FREE! That's pretty cool. To take advantage of the 20% discount, please use this link to access the site.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008 - Photo Verifications, BBW Videos, BBW News And Sexy Big Beautiful Women is a new site that deserves a second look. It's powered by, which means it has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. One of the features I love about this site is their Photo Verification feature. I wish every site had this option. This feature actually insures the person looks like their photo. (That's a great feature because there are way too many singles using other people's photos or 10-year old photos of themselves rather than current ones.)

One of the best features is the Plus Size/BBW Videos section, where you can upload a video of yourself from Youtube, Dailymotion, MySpace, etc. They do not allow pornography, but I did find a lot of pretty sexy videos. Some other great features are a blogging area and daily BBW news from around the world. Best of all, with the basic free membership, you can browse through photo profiles and set up your own profile with pictures, etc. I think you'll like it, so why not give it a try.

Good luck and happy dating!

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